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Overwhelming Amount of Snow Falls in Mount Pleasant

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It looks like the Mount Pleasant area is among the hardest hit with snow so far tonight.

The snow falling tonight is wet, messy, and almost overwhelming-- especially if you're out and about in it.

"I've never seen snow like this, I'm from northern China and there's a lot of snow every year but nothing like this."

The snow is back, and it's back in full force.

"It's beautiful, it's really beautiful when you're just sitting in your warm house and look outside but when you come out, it's cold and the snow is just hitting your face- it's not very pleasant," explained Meng Li, as she was walking her dog.

Many in Mount Pleasant say they have no choice to be out in the snow.

For a lot of CMU students, walking is their only way to get around.

"It's just kind of a hassle for the commute. I definitely feel wet once you trail through the snow and then you get somewhere and it's wet and you get cold," said CMU student, Josh Ginderske.

Others like Lonnie DeRosia have added clearing the snow to their daily work routine.

"Cooking pizzas, and cleaning tables, and of course when the weather gets back we have to come out and do some shoveling and some snow blowing."

And he's just getting started.

"We'll have to come out probably another three or four times this evening just to keep things clear for the morning," explained DeRosia, the general manager of Pisanello's Pizza.

As snow continues to fall, it's almost hard for some to wrap their minds around the fact that it's still snowing.

"It's like the snow around the world has all fallen in America this year!"

Everyone 9 & 10 News spoke with did agree that all this snow is simply just part of living in Michigan.