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DNR Announces New Laws For Poaching Deer

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Monday, the DNR announced new laws for poaching antlered deer and trespassing.

The new laws change several things about the fines and restitution payments.

It's a progressive penalty system.

If you get caught poaching a deer with or without antlers, the base fine is $1,000.

For any antlered deer, it's an additional $1,000.

And if they have 8-10 points, the fine increases by $500 for each point. For a deer with 11 or more points, and additional $750 per point is added.

So, if you poach a 10 point, restitution would be $7,000 plus fines and court fees.

New rules are also in place for those who trespass and hunt.

The DNR says they're trying to stop hunters from illegally targeting trophy deer.