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Kalin's Challenge: A New Lifestyle

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I've struggled with my weight my entire adult life. Name a 'fad diet' and I've tried it. But every time I started something, nothing would last.

I would quickly see results and then the moment of 'plateau' or a week of gaining I would give up. Another popular problem with me was the 'I'll start again tomorrow' mentality. When I would have a lunch of pizza and breadsticks, I'd think to myself "the entire day is basically ruined, so I'll try again tomorrow." For so long I struggled with my weight silently, never holding myself accountable. I sort of just thought that 40 lbs would eventually disappear.

It's this lack of accountability, and negative self talk that I believe landed me here. I decided I was ready for a change. Not a 'weight loss' change or a 'diet' change, a new lifestyle. A completely new way of looking at food, exercise and my overall wellness. A lot changed for me when I read an article that posed a simple question, "What if we spoke to our friends and family the way we speak to ourselves inside our heads?"


The journey to a new lifestyle had officially began. I presented the idea at work and an incredible support system was born, my co-workers were excited about the idea. I enrolled in Munson Healthcare's "Healthy Weight Management Program" which utilizes behavior, diet, and exercise to help me learn a new way of living.

My first weigh in was tough, I couldn't imagine I had let myself get to this point, but instead of being upset by it, I used it as motivation, I know I can do this. The most important lesson I took away from my first day at Munson was that we can't do this alone. Support systems are  crucial. Tell your spouse, your family, friends or coworkers. You'll be amazed at the support.

More than half of us have weight to lose, and I couldn't be more excited to take this journey with you. So many of you have reached out to me via e-mail and Facebook to share your stories. I encourage them to keep coming! It's so awesome to hear what works for each of you.

Here are 5 things that have helped me get started!

-Create a network of support. Share your goals with someone & ask for their support.

-Download "My Fitness Pal" on your smartphone and begin tracking.

-Carry water each and everyday. I try to drink a glass of water before each meal.

-Arm yourself with a kitchen full of healthier options. Ditch your 'trigger foods' (pizza for me) and explore new foods you haven't tried.

-Take it an hour at a time. Not a day, not a week. I set out to eat healthy, move more and feel better about myself each hour.

Please continue to e-mail, Facebook or Tweet me your stories and questions! I'll be posting a blog similar to this one as we air each new segment! Until then, thanks for all your support.