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Tips For Driving Safely On Icy Roads

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As we've been reporting, roads all around Northern Michigan are extremely icy tonight.

While that may seem simple enough, we wanted to bring you a quick refresher of some key tips to keep you safe out there.

Always wear a seatbelt and be sure children are securely buckled in.

Simply slow down, and be extra cautious of bridges or overpasses.

Everything takes longer on snow and ice covered roads: accelerating, stopping and turning.

Give yourself 8-10 seconds in a following distance.

Accelerate and decelerate slowly, it's the best way to regain traction and avoid sliding.

Know the power of your brakes and don't pump on anti-lock brakes.

Don't text or talk while driving in poor conditions.

If you really don't have to go out, just stay home.

The MDOT website leaves you with this message to hopefully stay with you if you do have to travel: "drive like you want to make it home tonight."

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