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Relentless Snowfall Means Fun for Some, Work for Others

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More snow tonight means more fun for some, but more problems for others.

"From last winter to this winter- you couldn't ask for a better winter!"

Cleo Tucker and his friends visiting from Grand Rapids were heading from Onaway to Millersburg on their sleds tonight. He says he it's his favorite way to travel.

"I could get another two feet tonight, and I wouldn't bat an eye at it because I can go out and have so much fun tomorrow," Tucker explains.

For others like Stephen Wright, it's all work and no play in the snow.

"Here we go again, it's another day, another snowy day in northern Michigan. Hours and hours, there's lots of hours of plowing, it's just nonstop."

He says he's up and at 'em and behind the wheel first thing in the morning. He says he doesn't mind it, but his wallet is beginning to.

"I've been filling up my truck everyday. Everyday I'm putting 75, 80 dollars worth of gas and plowing."

Both agree that whether you're sledding on it or shoveling it, it's just a part of life in northern Michigan.

"It could stick around all year 'round, I wouldn't care," says Tucker.

"I'd rather have it snowing than not snowing," agrees Wright.