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Dann's House Project Gets $35,000 Grant

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January 30, 2014 -

A local non-profit got a $35,000 grant from the Department of Community Health to run a recovery house for the chronically homeless.

Dann's House will be a 24/7 facility where the chronically homeless dealing with alcohol addiction can live. This kind of project is known as a "wet house."

Greg Stone, founder of the StonesHouse non-profit, says providing this alternative will cut down on these people ending up in the emergency room or in jail.

But he emphasizes this is a housing project, not a treatment, or a rehab center.

Stone says research from other communities where wet houses have been successful shows the people living in them will also benefit from simply having a place to go.

Stone and his board of directors are currently scouting places to rent in Traverse City to get started.

He says they will not settle in a neighborhood.

More information about the Dann's House project can be found on the StonesHouse website.