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Snow Removal Company Working 'Round the Clock to Keep up with Increased Demands

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The snow's not only a problem on the road, it is really adding up on driveways and parking lots.

Private snow removal companies say this winter has been nothing but busy for them.

It's been non-stop for snow removal companies.

The owner we spoke with said they'll plow somewhere out, and then have to do it all over again due to the massive amounts of snow.

"It's just relentless, everyday it's snowing so people are just getting tired of dealing with it."

Even the guys at Double J Lawn Care in Cadillac say despite the boom in business, this snow is just a bit too much.

"It's been nuts, I give my guys a lot of credit. A lot of sleepless nights. We usually start about 1:30, 2 o'clock in the morning, and some days there are 12 hour days. We've had days in the past where we've worked 20 hours to keep stuff clean," explains Josh Johnson, the owner of Double J Lawn Care.

Johnson says this winter is unlike any other, so much so he's getting requests he's never had before.

"We've received some calls lately from residential customers and they're asking us to move the snow at the end of their driveways. They just can't see to get out onto the main road, it's not safe, they're worried about getting hit. So we're actually going in with a front end loader and moving banks back at residential's which we haven't ever had to do in the past."

And it's not just homeowners seeking their help.

"We've had utility companies that have contacted us asking us to clear some spots next to some telephone poles so they can get their trucks in and work on stuff because they just can't get their trucks into areas that they normally could," says Johnson.

As the snow continues to fall and blow, they're running out of places to move it all. It may be wishful thinking, but all they can hope for is a warm up.

"We just haven't got that thaw this year that lets the snow melt down to give us more room. We need a break, we really do."

Johnson says they also have seen an increase in people needing their help because they just don't have the wherewithal to remove all this snow.