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Propane Prices and Demand Continue To Rise

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The propane shortage continues and the prices keep rising, which is causing issues for those who need it heat their homes.

9&10 News spoke with Professor Mark Brandly, who works for Ferris State University. Brandly says propane prices are going up due to increased demand because of the bad winter.

According to Brandly, things could get better if the temperatures rise because demand will fall. He says he doesn't believe the issues we're seeing now will be a long-term situation.

Meantime, organizations like Project Starburst in Big Rapids help provide heating assistance and they're having trouble.

Executive Director Diane Long says the shortage of propane caused them to lower the number of gallons they can provide to a family that seeks assistance. Their fund are also going a lot faster because of the increased cost.

9&10's Breelynn Martin and Photojournalist Jacob Johnson spoke to the professor and Project Sunburst about propane.

For heating assistance information contact Project Starburst ONLINE or call 231.796.5342.