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Snow Plow Businesses Keeping Busy

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Local plow owners are working practically non-stop trying clear your parking lots and driveways.

We talked with the owner of Better Yards Landscaping in Houghton Lake Monday about the extremely busy season they're having.

Since the first snowfall earlier this season. they've been swamped with calls nearly every day.
While it's good for their business, they want to remind people to be careful and not try and overdo it when trying to dig themselves out.

Joe Wagner of Better Yards Landscaping says, "all this snow is great for northern Michigan. It brings a lot of business to the area. The snowmobilers come up for down state, the restaurants, the hotels, just think of it that way because it's good for us. Spring will be here sooner than we know it, so appreciate it while we have it."

Although it's difficult to stay patient, they say the best advice is to wait until all the snow has fallen before giving the plowers a call.