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Tow Truck Drivers Reminding Others on the Road to Watch Out for Them

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Tow truck drivers work around the clock to help out drivers in need.

They are hoping today's accident serves as a reminder that while you're on the road, you need to be on the look out for their trucks and drivers.

At Big Rapids Towing, each driver wears reflective clothing.

They also have reflectors and lights all over their trucks.

Even with all that, they say sometimes it's as if drivers don't even see them.

"We can get a call for a car in the ditch, and get there and it's not just in the ditch, it could be over in an embankment, on it's top, you just never know 'til you actually get there and then you've got to come up with a plan right then."

Owner Jim Dunkel says each time a wrecker pulls up to help a driver out, they are required to think on their feet- not only about how they'll remove the car, but how to keep everyone safe.

"One wrong move can cause a lot of damage."

Add snow, ice, a highway, and in many cases nightfall, and the possibility for danger only increases.

"One of the biggest things that I tell my guys here is always be looking over your back."

In the middle of their busiest season, they hope drivers remember that their trucks should be treated just like a police car or ambulance.

"That is the law, any emergency vehicle on the side of the road, you are supposed to slow down and move over and it's tough because people still they just forget that, they don't do it," explains Dunkel.

And while they know accidents can happen, they hope to see fewer of them, especially while they're helping someone else on the side of the road.

"Just slow down and pay attention to your surroundings, and give everybody a break."

Dunkel says it's not uncommon that someone ends up going off the road because they are going too fast, and try to avoid the tow truck too late.