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Seemingly Endless Snowfall Strikes Again

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As manager, Troy Moore is usually the Burger King. Tonight, he's the shoveling snow king.

"When it's snowing like this, at least every hour, couple hours, just 'cause you wanna keep it off there."

He says this has been a common scene outside the restaurant, all winter long much to the employees dismay.

"Nobody likes coming out. When you say 'Hey can you go out and shovel?' They're like ugh, you know?"

For some, if they weren't digging it, they were driving in it.

"I'm headed back to Dover, Delaware. It's murder right now, I want to go home before tomorrow, but that ain't going to happen," Scott Collier, a driver for Tri-State Transport describes.

Collier says the snow means driving more than 1,000 miles at just 40 miles per hour.

"If I go all the way back down and across 80, I'll probably be in the lake effect all the way over to Pittsburgh."

With this much snow and a big rig, he says there is only one way to deal.

"The radio's down, the stereo's down, just concentrate."