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UPDATE: Majority of Damage Cleaned Up In Cadillac's Mercy Hospital

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The clean up continues at Mercy Hospital Cadillac after pipes broke Wednesday, flooding a major portion of the hospital.

A pipe within the heating system broke on the fourth floor of the hospital Wednesday morning, causing some flooding all the way down to the first floor.

Emergency services were obstructed and patients moved as clean up crews worked to fix the mess.

A day later, 95% of the mess is cleaned up with only a small section of the fourth floor still being worked on.

Mercy Hospital's COO Mary Neff says, "a lot of general housekeeping went on to clean floors and walls and make sure that anything that was wet has been dried and put back in shape. We have replaced a lot of ceiling tiles in the last 24 hours and wet insulation so if you were to walk in today particularly on the main floor you would not know what went on here yesterday."

The parts of the hospital that are still damaged will take about 2-3 weeks until they are cleaned up.

Meredith Barack and photojournalist Jeff Blakeman were on the scene Wednesday and have the full story.