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Family Seeking Help After House Fire

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A Vanderbilt family was in their home Sunday afternoon when it caught fire upstairs in their 3-year-old son's room. They say they are lucky everyone got out safe.

The fire filled the upper floor, destroying all of their clothes and belongings. Fire crews say the fire was accidental.

When they went to call their insurance agency, they found out their home was no longer insured.

The structure of the home was not damaged. They plan to rebuild and work on the house once they get it cleared out. Without insurance, it will be difficult to fix it back up.

Vanderbilt Fire Department noticed the need for help, and is trying to get people to pitch in and help the family any way they can. Things like building supplies will be the most helpful.

The family says they will be at the home working on it everyday and people are welcome to come by.

They live at 401 E. Main Street in Vanderbilt in Otsego County

You can also call Harley at (989) 370-7889