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UPDATE: Roscommon Co. Police Arrest Woman Accused Of Stealing Purse In Walmart

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UPDATE: January 21

Thanks to the public's help, a suspected Roscommon County purse snatcher has been caught.

Police say a woman stole an elderly woman's purse from the Houghton Lake Walmart last week.

Officers arrested Sheila Tumath after getting a number of tips.

Surveillance photos showed her in the store.

Tumath admitted to taking the purse, using the credit cards inside to make in-store purchases, and then taking off with cash and jewelry that were inside the purse.

Tumath was charged with a number of crimes including theft in a building, stealing and using a financial device and being a habitual offender.

She has similar prior criminal activity on her record.


January 20

On January 14, police were called to Walmart to discover that a 91-year-old woman had her purse stolen from a motorized wheel-chair assist vehicle, also known as Amigos. 

The woman used a different Amigo because the original one she chose did not work. She had left her purse in that first Amigo. 

When she went to pay for her items, she remembered she had left her purse in the Amigo basket. Employees found that the purse was not in that basket when they went to check. 

Investigation revealed that a woman who entered the store took the purse, and purchased items using the stolen credit cards. In addition to credit cards, the purse contained cash and jewelry.