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49th Annual Moose Jaw Safari Highlights Vintage Snowmobiles

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Snowmobilers and spectators will have a chance to see vintage sleds in action this weekend.

The 49th Annual Moose Jaw Safari heads out from the Harbor Springs Snowmobile Club Saturday.

The club has a permit so people with vintage sleds can be part of the event.

 While vintage sleds weren't initially involved in the event, they've grown over the years to be the main attraction.

 Hundreds of snowmobilers take part in the 25-mile ride that ends with a hot pot of bean soup and hot dogs at Larks Lake.

Snowmobiler Shawn Robinson says, "I love it. I have about fifteen vintage sleds right now and over the years I've probably had about fifty different ones. I get them, I fix them up, make them look good and I'll ride them for a year or two and then it's time to move on to something different that I haven't had yet."

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