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The Great Lakes Could See Boost in Federal Funding

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A large scale, federal restoration program could see a big boost in their budget this year. That could end up helping many local organizations.

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative may be looking at a $300-million budget this year which is a large increase from last year. It's part of the federal spending bill being considered by Congress.

The $15-million raise would allow them to help many organizations across the state protect the Great Lakes.

The Watershed Center in Traverse City relies on this funding for some of their bigger projects. Sarah U'Ren, Watershed Center program director says, "We've received almost $3-million over the past few years, which is really great for a small organization like ours and 3 of those projects are basically done."

The Watershed Center hopes this increased funding will help them do a lot more projects this year, U'Ren says, "We have a lot of projects that we could do that would really help to protect the Grand Traverse Bay watershed and our up north quality of life."