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Emmet Co. Couple Searching For Missing Salvador Dali Painting

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This expensive piece of art is at the center of a northern Michigan mystery.

It's missing after a brief stay in a storage facility.

The Salvador Dali piece is not only worth tens of thousands of dollars, it also has sentimental value to its rightful owners.

The artwork was placed in storage while their home in Harbor Springs was being renovated, and now the painting is missing.

The last time the owners saw their painting was this past fall.

Now, they're shocked and devastated, unsure if they will ever see it again.

"They're saying they know it went out, and the folks that operate the moving and storage company, the man that I talked to said that he doesn't have it, he can't find it, he's searched high and low and he can't locate it," explains Harbor Springs Police Chief, Dan Branson.

It's as if this piece of art has simply disappeared. The moving and storage company, nor the owners can find it.

"He said he has gone through every box, has gone throughout the house, and cannot locate that painting."

The painting, titled "A Woman in Waves" is number 20 in a series of one hundred. It was painted by world-renowned artist Salvador Dali.

"It was purchased at a gallery down in Grosse Pointe. The value is approximately $20,000," Branson says.

Off camera, one of the owners explained that this painting didn't just have monetary value. It was a wedding anniversary gift from her husband.

"There's some sentimental value in addition to the dollar value of that painting."

Police are now left searching in hopes the painting will turn up.

"I've also been looking on Craigslist and we're also trying to identify pawn shops or other maybe consignment shops that would hold high level types of artwork throughout the state."

But without any leads, Chief Branson hopes someone with an eye for art will spot the painting, so it can be returned to the wall of a Harbor Springs home.

"The more awareness I think that something like this is missing, the better your chances that somebody might find it and we might get it back for these people."

The company that moved the painting out of the home, Petoskey Moving and Storage, had no comment when 9 & 10 News reached out to them.