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What's Trending Wednesday: Rollercoaster Photo Ops, and "The Lion Whisperer"

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If you've ever been on a rollercoaster, you probably know many of them have hidden cameras designed to catch all the fun, fear, and excitement. Well, sometimes people find out where these cameras are and they decide to take advantage of the photo-op! A blog gaining attention on social media is called "People Doing Stuff on Splash Mountain." Splash Mountain is a popular ride at Disney parks. Pictures feature people proposing, pretending to sleep, or even posed fine dining.

And a South African animal expert has earned himself a nickname, the "Lion Whisperer." Kevin Richardson does research with prides of lions and other wild cats and he's known for actually being accepted into these wild families. Today's viral video validates Richardson as the Lion Whisperer as he documents his relationship with a lioness and her newly born cubs.

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