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87-Year Old Keeping Ice Slide Tradition Alive in Prudenville

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After carving ice sculptures for years around the country, a northern Michigan man is keeping his work local-in a big way.

He is building an impressive ice slide.

It's a tradition the 87-year old started years ago on his property in Prudenville.

"We've had sliders here about everyday, the last ten days."

On any given Winter afternoon, there's laughter outside of Parker Seiler's home. It's a joyful noise that he's become accustomed to for decades.

"I started doing it for my kids 40 years ago."

Despite his own kids being grown, the tradition of this ice slide has continued. Parker simply combines snow, and water from Lake James to construct the slippery slope.

"At my age, I just don't go far from home, it's easy to do it here so, this is where I do them anymore. It's fun, and it's real simple, not too many people do it because it's kind of cold and wet, but when you get the slush, it just shapes just like plaster, freezes the way you put it," Parker explains.

The "Loch-James Monster" theme is a hit with one group of girls. They've taken advantage of the slide during their school break.

"I like the slide because there's a big cave we get to go through, and it has a big slope and a bump right there that makes you fly off the sled," says 9-year old Lillyan.

While kids are the most frequent visitors at the ice slide, Parker says it's not just for the young, but the young at heart.

"We had one 80-year old woman slide down, and I slide on it all the time, at least a few times each day to make sure it's okay," Parker says.

Even though he's turning 88 in March, Parker says he'll continue to build the ice slide for winters to come.

"Probably until I'm 100!"