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Police Hit The Trails To Patrol Snowmobilers

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As many snowmobilers hit the trails, police officers are too.

Emmet County deputies patrol the county's more than 100 miles of trails.

They keep an eye out for riders who appear to be drunk, and also look for registration, proper headlights and tail lights.

It's also up to them to keep an eye on riders without helmets, or drivers who look too young, or don't have proper certificates.

So far this year, they have responded to four snowmobile accidents.

Dennis Jessick of the Emmet County Sheriff's department says, "I policed one two weeks ago where a snowmobile did not yield to a driveway crossing and impacted at a ninety degree angle a truck. It's a major concern that we have for sled operators not stopping at road crossings."

The Sheriff's Department also reminds snowmobilers to keep a reasonable speed, and to stay on the right side of the trail especially because the terrain in Emmet County can be hilly with many turns.