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Emmet Co. House Fire Began In Wood Stove

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A house fire in Emmet County had firefighters fighting from the inside out.

Crews responded at 10:00 PM Thursday night to a fire that started in a wood burning stove and spread to an attic on Grubaugh Road in Alanson.

The home has many layers of roofing, so firefighters struggled to put the out from confined spaces on the inside.

The house is a total loss, mainly due to water damage.

Assistant Fire Chief Scott Granger says, "one of the biggest problems is, we had to fight the fire from the inside-out. Because the roof was metal and with the temperatures we were facing, the water was turning into instant ice. And it was not a place we wanted to put one of our men. On top of a metal roof, spraying water would just turn into a skating rink instantly. "

Crews also had a difficult time getting up to the house as the driveway was not cleared.  

The fire department stresses the importance of removing snow in case of an emergency.