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Heavy Snowfall on Lakeshore, Creates Hazardous Conditions

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While just about everyone got snow today, those who live along the lakeshore experienced the heaviest of it, creating hazardous conditions.

That area received a good four to five inches of snow already, and with at least another three to six on the way, it wasn't anything anyone wants to be out in.

"They're not very good right now, a lot of the primary roads are pretty snow covered and icy. On the secondary roads, it's only going to be worse."

Blame it on the lake effect, Mason County is covered in snow. Add high winds and in some spots, white out conditions were unavoidable.

"With the visibility it's just that much more, you want to give yourself that much more room, and time, and the road conditions vary depending on where you're at," warned Daniel Dice, a Deputy for the Mason County Sheriff's Department.

It has caused a number of accidents and slide offs, something Deputy Dice says makes them think twice about their own safety as well. 

"We do the best we can but depending on the weather, if it's white out conditions, it's kind of hard to really make yourself too awfully noticeable from a long ways a way, so that's why we ask for people to slow down and move over."

They also urge anyone who needs their help to be patient. They too must take their time in this weather.

"Typically on an average night, there's only 3 of us on in this county and when we get bad weather it increases our time to get to you, we have to get there safe as well in order to help you," he explained.

On a night like this Deputy Dice says he really recommends one thing.

"If you don't need to get out I wouldn't bother on going out, I'd just stay home where it's warm and you're safe."

Deputies urge anyone who is waiting for police help to stay in their car, it's not only warmer there, but safer than standing on the road.