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6:00 PM UPDATE: Willis Formally Charged On 10 Counts In Mecosta County Shooting

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9&10 News learned that one woman is dead after a shooting in Mecosta County.

Police say a man who lived across the street went into the woman's house with a shotgun. Four women were inside with three children, including a 10 month old girl.

Officers say Duncan Willis II shot Kathleen Hawley and killed her, and sexually assaulted three others.

Family called 9-1-1 at a neighbor's house, and when police got there, they heard a woman yell that there were hostages. A SWAT Team was called in around 4:30am.  Police say he then let two women and the children go, but one woman was still being held inside.

26-year-old Willis eventually came out of the house and was arrested. All three women were taken to the hospital.

Officers say Willis had three prior domestic violence convictions. It's not clear why he went to the home, but police believe he was intoxicated.

Willis is currently lodged at the Mecosta County Jail and was recently arraigned.

Willis was charged on 10 counts. They include murder,  6 counts of sex crimes, kidnapping, having a dangerous weapon, and being a habitual offender.

Northern Michigan's News Leader is on the scene and will bring you continuing coverage today here online, and on 9&10 News at 5:00 and 6:00.


UPDATE 7:31 A.M.

Police have confirmed the hostage situation in Mecosta County has been resolved and crews are leaving the scene.

A press conference is scheduled for 10:00 this morning.

Eric Lloyd is in Mecosta County right now working to get the latest details on this story.

Stay with 9&10 News as we work to bring you the latest information throughout the day.


We are following developing news out of Mecosta county.

We sent a crew to investigate, but details are limited at this time.

Mecosta County Central Dispatch did confirm police are dealing with a hostage situation on Cramer Road in Mecosta Township, near Big Rapids.

At this time, we do know police responded to a call at the home around 8:30 last night, but we do not know what led to the standoff.

Dozens of police, State Troopers, and other emergency personnel are still on scene surrounding the home.

Police blocked off roads near the home.

Stay with Northern Michigan's News Leader as we continue to closely monitor this standoff situation.