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Many Living in Motels as Power Outage Continues

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More than 1,000 people are still without power tonight in Clare County.

As the outage continues, many are living in motels as they wait for their lights to turn back on.

The two motels we visited in Harrison said they typically aren't too busy this time of year.

Once the outage hit, they were relieved to have so much room for those in need of power and heat.

"Our power went out Sunday night, we came here Monday, and we've been here ever since."

Richard Dugall and his wife currently call the Lakeside Motel home. They say it's not their ideal situation, but they really had no other choice.

"Didn't want to freeze, it was too cold in the house to stay," explained Dugall.

The Dugall's aren't alone, the manager of the motel says typically this time of year, they are closing things up for winter. Instead, the power outage had them welcoming guest after guest.

"They had to find a second home," said Blane Hiscox, the Lakeside Motel manager, "we turned over quite a few rooms."

At the Acorn Motel, they were just a few rooms shy of being full when the outage hit.

"And then the phone calls started coming in with people checking on places because they didn't have any places to stay," described Ron Brotherton, the co-owner, "People were calling us and telling us they were freezing, and you feel bad for that you want to do the best you can as quick as you can."

Until tonight, they have been booked solid.

"It was unique, and then to be full for that length of time, it was just non-stop, it was everything we could do to get people out, and get the rooms done, and then back in again."

Both motels say they're grateful they had power and could help so many people.

Now with vacant rooms, they are even happier to know families are finally able to go home.

"The phone calls have stopped coming, so that's good news for everybody that was out of power, and we'll just put it back together, and just wait for the next."

Though utility crews have been making progress to restore power in some areas, it isn't expected to be restored for everyone until Friday.