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What's Trending Wednesday: Theo and Beau and the "Kid President"

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It's What's Trending Wednesday on Michigan This Morning and it's no secret that the internet is a treasure trove of adorable photos, videos, and stories.

Today we showed you the unique story of a mother, her son, and their family's new puppy. Just two weeks ago, Jessica Shyba noticed a beautiful friendship forming between her son Beau, and their new puppy, Theo. Every day Beau goes to take his nap, and Theo is right there by his side, ready to snooze right along with him. Jessica started taking pictures of the adorable pair's nap time ritual and posting them to her Instagram account, which is a social media app used to share photos. Ever since the two have been melting hearts all across the internet.

And anther youngster making waves in cyber-space is a boy known as the "Kid President." Through a group called "SoulPancake" this little guy is spreading a big message about encouragement and continually moving forward.

To see photos of Beau and Theo or to watch the Kid President's full pep talk, click the corresponding links to the left of this story.