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Police Continue to Investigate Bank Robbery in Lewiston, Have Person of Interest

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Police are still looking for evidence in a robbery at a northern Michigan bank this afternoon.

Police say they do have a person of interest in the robbery.

But they will not give a description of the robber, or the getaway vehicle.

It happened just before 3 PM at the First Federal bank in Lewiston.

Police remain tight-lipped for now, but we were able to learn a little more about what happened from a woman who was watching right next door.

"We seen all the cops flying around, and we seen one parked in front of the bank, and kind of was wondering what was going on," Cathy Newell, the manager of the gas station next door described.

Those at the Marathon gas station say it was an unfamiliar scene for a Wednesday afternoon, let alone any day in Lewiston.

"People started coming in saying, 'Oh the bank got robbed!' so we were just kind of looking out you know wondering if first of all everybody is okay, you know?"

No one was hurt during the robbery, and throughout the night, the Montmorency County Sheriff's Department and Michigan State Police continue to investigate by dusting for fingerprints and taking pictures.

They even used video taken by a camera at the gas station next door, searching for more clues.

"I have a side camera that faces the bank, and they wanted to see if they could see the car on the camera," explained Newell.

With businesses surrounding the bank, many say the robbery was a bold move, and because of that they hope the robber is arrested soon.

"It's a scary feeling, it's such a small town to have this happen and be right next door. It's a little too close to home, I know that."

It's not yet clear whether the bank robber had a weapon.

We will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest details as police release more information.