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Grayling Golf Team Celebrates New Beginning With New Clubs

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After a long road to recovery, today was full of smiles and celebration.

The Grayling High School boys golf team was involved in a deadly accident 6 months ago and today they celebrated a new beginning.

The crash happened in Kalkaska County when the team's van collided with another can.

Their coach, Jason Potter and one of the players, Louis Menard were killed during the collision. Cassandra Stapleton, a passenger in the second van also died. Five other Grayling teammates were seriously injured.

In the accident, their clubs were thrown about and destroyed. But today, they say it was like Christmas. "We got some new Nike golf clubs, which is pretty dang cool," says Jake Hinkle, on the Grayling Golf team. The boys are swinging their clubs again and proud to say they're "Grayling Strong." Jake Hinkle says, "Nothing gets past us, nothing gets into our heads, we'll overcome anything."

9&10's Katie Boomgaard talked with the team about their new chapter and how the community has helped them get through this difficult time.