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Police Patrol for Tricksters, Hand Out Treats

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The rain, fog, and cooler temps didn't stop little witches and werewolves from filling their buckets and bags with candy.

Sidewalks were filled with kids tonight, so police took extra steps on to make sure everyone was being safe.

By seven tonight, Traverse City Police had already made one drunk driving arrest.

They say that wasn't the only foolery going on tonight.

As most kids and their families were out looking for treats, police were patrolling looking for those with tricks.

"There's some people out there who want to go out at night and damage property. This year because of the weather it's been pretty low, we've had some pumpkins smashed in the middle of the road, thrown at cars, but compared to past years it hasn't been an issue," says Jeremy Metdepenningen, an officer for the Traverse City Police Department.

The weather may have deterred some of the typical troublemakers but it didn't stop others from overindulging in whatever witches were brewing in their caldrons.

"There's a lot of Halloween parties that happen too in town therefore there's a lot of drinking going on. That ties up a lot of our time, therefore we can't be out on the road being proactive and being seen by people out here and protecting them from what may occur while they're out here walking."

Even with hundreds out on the streets of Traverse City, it didn't slow down some drivers.

"I had a driver who was just oblivious to what's going on, what time of day it is, it's Halloween, kids are out trick-or-treating. He was going 50 in a 25 MPH residential zone."

The best part of their night besides protecting princesses and pirates?

Stopping to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters very excited to see them.

"We get out, we communicate with the families as well as the kids, let them know that we're here looking out and making sure, and it gives them a sense of safety that the police are here and they can enjoy their night."

Trick-or-treating is over now.

Police say they'll likely spend the rest of the night dealing with those who celebrated the holiday a little too hard.