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UPDATE: Police Search for Stillborn Baby in Antrim County Yard

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Police continue following up on leads after tearing up an Antrim County yard.

State Police tell us investigators are looking for the remains of a stillborn baby.

The Central Lake Police Chief says his department started an investigation after getting a tip this summer. Police believe the crime happened in 1978.

Crews were digging for many hours on Tuesday in the yard of a home on M-88. Workers dug up the area that used to be the basement of a home.

The police chief says the home that used to stand on the property was burned down in a controlled burn in 1988.

Officers will not say if anything was uncovered through Tuesday's dig.

The investigation has been especially difficult because of the age of the information.

"Honestly that's the hardest part. How do you follow up on leads that were technically created 35 years ago. I mean people don't live here any more, things are different," said Central Lake Police Chief Scott Barrett.

The property was most recently registered to Clarabelle Loper. Police tell us she passed away a couple years ago.

Kyle Mitchell and Photojournalist Jacob Johnson have the latest on the search.