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Beware Of New Facebook Scam

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Charlevoix County Sheriff Schneider warns about new Facebook scam. 

Someone is hacking into unsuspecting Facebook member accounts and recording personal information and friend lists.

The hacker then creates a new Facebook account using the victim's information, and "refriends" all the original friends. 

The suspect then attempts to scam the friends.

In a recently reported case, the suspect chatted with someone, trying to get them to click on a link called the "United Nations Helping Foundation Program," and told them the foundation gives up to $100,000 to people who are deaf, retired, elderly, or disabled. 

The victim in this case figured out it was a scam by asking personal questions that only the real friend would know. 

The suspect disconnected immediately when it was obvious the victim had figured it out. 

If you come across a situation like this, ask questions to establish the true identity of your friend.