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Police, Students on Alert After Break-In's and Assaults

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Police say the break-ins and assaults are a scary safety reminder.

Especially on a college campus, where there are people out and about at all times of the day and night.

The apartments Roberts is accused of breaking into are a popular place for Ferris State students to live.

Students say it's scary to think he may have targeted those apartments for that very reason.

"One of the female subjects laying in her bedroom awoke to a cold hand on her thigh and rolled over to see the gentleman laying on the floor next to her," Sheriff Todd Purcell explained one of the assaults.

A frightening way to be awakened, and police say it was an even scarier way Cody Roberts entered the apartments of his victims.

"It appears that he went through a screen, and was able to cut the screen, and open up the window,"said Purcell. 

Students at Ferris State say they generally feel safe on campus, but the series of events that led to Roberts' arrest has put them on alert.

"I live in apartments here and I try to be careful about locking the door and everything, but yeah that's really scary thinking people don't even worry about that and just break-in the windows, and everything," said student Rachel Joseph. She says she and her roommates will double-check doors and windows from now on.

"We lock our door every time we leave, and even at night when we're sleeping, because you don't know who could get into the dorms," said student Sydney Miller.

And even while on campus, they'll take extra steps to remain safe.

"I have mace on my key chain, I get kind of scared because it can get dark in some places like actually right here," said Miller, referring to near the campus library.

Police agree, that it's just simple things, that can keep you safe in a situation like this.

"You should always lock your doors at night, lock your windows, and especially when you're not home. Never be out by yourself alone at night, always have at least one, or a couple of people, with you, always carry a cell phone, have a cell phone in your bedroom- that's the biggie too."

Police say one of the victim's roommates was able to identify Roberts because he was her former high school classmate.