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Local Wineries to Begin Selling Products on Amazonwine.com

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Amazon has launched a new web site geared towards wine-lovers, and now northern Michigan wineries are taking their products to the web.

Amazonwine.com sells and ships wines from all over the world.

The Michigan marketplace launched just this week, and local wineries say they can't wait to see what it will do for business.

"We were really excited to hear that Amazon was going to start shipping wine from Michigan," says Bower's Harbor Director of Operations, Kristy McClellan. 

Bower's Harbor says it was a no-brainer when it came to teaming up with such a reputable company that has experience with shipping all over the United States.

"We thought it would be fantastic for some of our loyal fans, as well as Amazon's loyal customers to be able to one-stop shop and grab wine from us, as well as some of their other favorite wineries," McClellan explains.

Other wineries, like Black Star Farms, whose wine will also be sold on the site.

"It's definitely going to help us get more in the spotlight of people who may not have found us by looking in other places," says Coryn Briggs, Black Star Farms Director of Marketing.

The web site will also provide advanced drinkers with particular details of each wine.

"Even down to the pH levels in the wine, the date and the time it was harvested, some of the residual sugar amounts, just these very detailed questions," explains Briggs.

And because Amazon is such a large venue, shipping costs won't be as expensive.

"Amazon can deduct some shipping points, which gives it almost a great value for some of our products to be shipped right from their web site," says McClellan.

Both say they hope this venture not only helps the region's wine country grow in size, but in popularity as well.

"It will allow more people to realize what quality products are coming from northern Michigan, and Michigan in general, as well as be able to diversify and increase production."