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"Light Up the Night" Brightens Bikes in Traverse City

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Bright lights twinkled across some streets in Traverse City tonight; it was all for Light Up the Night, hosted by the TART Trails.

They distributed bike lights to dozens of people, in hopes of keeping our trails, roadways, and sidewalks safe.

500 of the lights will eventually be on bikes across the city.

Many are hoping those lights prevent any more bike-related tragedies.

"I think the more visible you are the safer you are," says Pam Daring, the Development Director for TART Trails.

Be seen, and be safe; that was the goal of TART trails as they passed out bike lights to dozens at The Filling Station in Traverse City.

"There's a front light for your handle bars, and a rear light for seat post," Darling explained what they were handing out.

Cyclists of all ages, and even some with four legs, came out to add the lights to their bikes.

"Safety is of utmost importance, and we just feel that the more lit up and visible you are, the safer you are," says Tina, who even brought two of her dogs.

Safety is a top priority and so is abiding by the law. If you're riding after dark, you must have a white light on the front of your bike.

"A lot of cyclists buy the bikes, get back into it, we have a resurgence bicycling in this community, it's so wonderful, but at the same time they really may not be educated as to the proper rules that they have to follow under the law," explains Mike Dettmer, a chair for the Cherry Capital Cycling Club.

The lights not only served as a safety reminder.

"I think there's just a lot of grateful people in the community that we're doing this."

But as a reminder of Kelly Hurlburt's death in July, and the importance of all of us sharing the road.

"I think it absolutely made the cycling community stop and pause, not only about her tragedy, but besides that if the community understood share the road means share the road, and cyclists have a responsibility, motorists have a responsibility, and we need to appreciate each other, and do what we can to make motoring and cycling safer."

Money raised tonight will go towards bicycle safety education at local elementary schools.