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Friends, Neighbors React to Young Man's Sudden Death

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A 21-year-old found dead in his apartment in Mount Pleasant, and police say there's no apparent cause of his death.

Matthew Vandercook's roommates discovered his body this morning.

Police don't suspect foul play, and now friends and neighbors are wondering how this could have happened.

Friends say on Sunday night, Matthew said he felt sick.

This morning his lifeless body was discovered inside his room.

"I noticed a bunch of commotion downstairs with a bunch of people and the ambulance, and there was some kids outside," neighbor Alyssa Griffore described the scene she came upon while leaving for class.

Neighbors of Matthew Vandercook say their parking lot was filled with police when they left for class this morning.

"I was kind of shocked, I didn't know what to think because I've never seen police around here before. Especially with it being right across from our apartment, I was kind of scared," said Griffore.

They soon learned that their neighbor, a student at Mid-Michigan Community College, was dead.

"It's bothered all of us today, when we had heard what actually had happened. My stomach kind of dropped because just to think that it happened so close to us, even though we weren't close with our neighbors, just knowing that that had happened," Griffore explained.

Friends of Matthew say as they learned the news, the simply couldn't believe it.

Many have questions as to how he possibly could have died.

"It's really sudden, and the hardest part I think is the fact that I've been with him like everyday for the most part. It's weird to think that I was just with him Saturday. It's scary that someone so young just goes to sleep and doesn't wake up," said Mollie Sawyer, a friend of Vandercook's.

Now they are left with only memories of a young man they say was a great friend.

"He was the most positive person you could be around. He had the biggest smile, and it was the brightest, and he would just light up a room and he was always laughing, he was so energetic," Jennifer Whrol described her friend, "He was seriously the one person I could say lived life to the fullest and loved everything about it."

Police hope they can learn more about Vandercook's death during an autopsy tomorrow.