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UPDATE: Elderly Man With Alzheimer's Found Alive

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October 16, 2013 -

UPDATE: Loyal Frederick has been found alive and well. 

The search started Tuesday when Loyal's wife could not find him. Search crews worked throughout the night. 

Wednesday Morning, a large search party formed at the Platte River Association Hall at 7:00 AM.

About 100 civilian volunteers, along with EMS, fire departments, K-9 units, Sheriff's offices, Coast Guard and others all searched for the man. 

A grid search pattern was established and covered a 6 mile square area around his home. 

Just before 1:00 PM, Loyal was found about a mile northwest of his home in a densely wooded area.

Loyal and his dog Suzzie were found together northwest of his home on Pioneer and Fewens roads.

He was located in the woods by AJ Zirkel of the Homestead Township Fire Department.

Loyal has changed into dry clothes and has eaten food and had some water to drink. 

He is going to Munson Medical Center to be checked out.

9&10's Marisa McKay and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson were with the family when they found out this ordeal would have a happy ending. They spoke to the family who says they are relieved to have Loyal and Suzzie home safe.