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Wandering Dog Leads Gerrish Twp. Police to Marijuana

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Gerrish Township Police say a wandering dog led them to a discovery of a marijuana grow operation in Roscommon County.

Officers were out on patrol Saturday around 1:30am when a loose dog ran in front of them, almost causing an accident.

They followed the dog to a nearby house and say it went in through an open door.

The officers were able to contact one of the home owners, when they noticed what looked like some marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside. The woman allowed them to search, and a large marijuana grow operation was found in the back bedroom. Inside, then found 13 large plants, 6.7 ounces of processed marijuana, 1 large container of hashish oil, large growing lights and other growing materials.

Officers arrested the man and women who own the house. Their names are not yet being released.