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Police Make A Meth Bust In Cadillac

Police Make A Meth Bust In Cadillac

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The house of a suspected bank robber is now the center of a meth lab investigation.

Police say the location where meth components were found is the home of Ruth Loomis.

Loomis and Clinton Cole have been charged in connection with the armed robberies of a credit union and two banks.

The meth ingredients were found at her Cadillac house on Sunday on Riverside Street.

Cadillac Police searched the home last week for money in connection to the Cadillac Credit Union robbery, some of which they did recover, but they didn't see anything else.

After the search, family members told police they had found materials to make meth inside. That is what led to the discovery on Sunday.

Now police are trying to figure out who is responsible because Loomis remains in jail in connection to her role in the robbery.

The house is also located in school zone, so the penalties could be enhanced when the person responsible is charged.