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Lake County Community Raising Funds for Memorial Garden

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After a tragic drowning accident, a small community has come together to bring light to the situation.

Two brothers from Lake County drowned in a man-made pond in their backyard in August.

According to family, Jethro Troyer, 9, and Leander Troyer, 7, spent Thursday playing outside. When dinner time came, the parents called for the boys, but they didn't respond. After searching the farm, they looked in the pond and pulled both boys from the water.

Since the accident, the family filled in the pond and is building a memorial garden right on top of the old pond.

Marlin Troyer, the boys' father says, "We did fill in the pond after the tragedy and what we're just planning on doing is replacing the pond with something that hopefully not another tragedy can happen from."

If you are interested in donating to the Troyer Memorial Garden, please contact the Evergreen Church at 231-898-2651.

And today, the community came together for a fundraiser to help the Troyer family, 9&10's Katie Boomgaard has more details.