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Day 11 of Government Shutdown, Working Towards Compromise

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Going on day eleven of the government shutdown and there is still no end, but a possible resolution may be in sight.  

Republicans and President Obama are working towards a compromise that would end the partial government shutdown.  

Congress worked late Thursday night looking at a plan that would raise the nations borrowing limit for six weeks.  

 President Obama met with Senate Republicans Friday morning to go over the budget crisis.  

 Republicans against the new health care law may settle for an unpopular medical device tax to pay for the law.  

 But the Republican approval rate has gone down and Senator John McCain says the bickering has to end.  
Some Republicans admit to having soften their stance because of the low rating.  
And it may be working because the president seems more willing to change parts of his health care law.  
Some lawmakers think the government could re-open by Saturday.