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Parents of Amber Smith, Police Searching for Clues in Toddler's Disappearance

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UPDATE: Press conference on missing child Amber Smith held today at 11:45. Deputies say they are looking into every possibility. If you know any information about her disappearance call 231-689-7037


Anyone interested in helping with the search for Amber Smith, you should meet at the Barton Township Park on 17 Mile road and Cottonwood Avenue at 9:00 a.m. this morning.


A search underway in Newaygo County tonight for a missing 2 1/2 year old girl.

Police say Amber Rose Smith disappeared from her home on 13 Mile Road in Barton Township around two this afternoon.

She was last seen by her father, who worries she may not have just wandered off.

Police say there are no clues that lead them to believe this was a kidnapping.

Amber's dad told 9 & 10 News that within the past two weeks, they've had two suspicious cars near their home.

One of those cars, a green pick up truck, called out to Amber while she was in the driveway.

"Just if somebody took her, just please bring her back to me because she's my baby. I've got 8 kids, but she's my baby. I want her back," pleaded Amber Smith's mom, Diane Smith.

Hours into the search for 2 1/2 year old Amber Smith, her parents, and police are searching for her, or some clue as to where she could be.

"We're searching about one-square mile, right now that one square mile is inside our search parameters right now," explained Lt. Chad Palmiter of the Newaygo County Sheriff's Department.

K-9 units, ATV's, helicopters, and searchers on foot combed the wooded area around Amber's home, where she was last seen wearing a black tank top with a pink stripe in the front, and pink bow in the back. She wasn't wearing pants or shoes.

"She went outside when I was in the back of the house, I came out just a few minutes afterwards, the front door was open," her father, Dale Smith, explained.

Her parents say Amber has wandered off before, turning up moments later. This afternoon was different.

"I went looking everywhere I could think," Dale said, "the neighbor's house, all the properties, yelling for her, even into a megaphone and didn't hear anything back from her."

Police say their search for the toddler will continue throughout the night.

"We're gonna go as long as we can tonight, obviously with the weather tonight we're looking at I think upper 40's, that's cold especially for a 2 1/2, 3 year old," says Palmiter.

As the search for Amber creeps later into the night, Amber's parents are left asking themselves the hardest of questions.

"It's hard not knowing, wondering where's she at, is she ever going to come home?"

Amber has hazel eyes and blonde hair. An Amber Ale ret has been issued.

Anyone with information on Amber's whereabouts should call 911.