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Day 8 Of Partial Government Shutdown, Possible Compromise On Horizon

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It's the 8th day of the partial government shutdown, and the bickering continues.

But, there may be a compromise on the horizon.

House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday the way to resolve differences over the budget and debt ceiling is to sit down and have a constructive conversation.

Boehner said there has never been a president who wouldn't negotiate on the debt limit.

It also appears there is enough votes in the House to re-open the federal government, but it's unclear when that vote will happen.
President Obama held a news conference Tuesday, answering questions from reporters for more than an hour.
What he had to say was not much different than what he has been saying for the last few weeks.
The President continues to call for a spending bill that would reopen the government.
But republicans want a bill tied to a provision that would delay the Affordable Care Act.
The President said he is willing to negotiate and hold discussions on any issue after the government has been reopened.

China, which is America's largest creditor, is calling on Congress to resolve the stalemate to protect US investments, and avoid hurting the global economy.

The next brewing crisis is raising the debt ceiling limit. Essentially extending the nation's credit to pay back what we've already spent.

The deadline to raise the limit is October 17th.

If Congress can't agree on that issue, many economists say the country could head toward another recession.