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State Medicaid Cuts Impact Local Hospice

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A local hospice is feeling the impact after the state has cut their Medicaid funding.

The Woodland Hospice in Mount Pleasant says the cuts will effect room and board coverage.

The Woodland Hospice is one of 11 hospices in the state hit by these cuts.

Cuts they say will hurt the most vulnerable of their patients.

While Medicaid coverage for in-home care will still covered, the room and board portion has been cut.

The executive director says this will impact about 60 percent of the people they care for.

She says the state has always provided that coverage, so they are working with them to come with a new solution for funds.

The cut funds make up about 15 percent of the hospice's budget.

9 & 10's Meredith Barack and photojournalist Jeff Blakeman looked into the troubling situation.