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What's Trending Wednesday: Facebook Reunion and $200 Tipper

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As we've seen in the past, social media can be pretty powerful and one Indiana woman learned that first hand.

Whitney Brock was adopted in 1991, and she recently decided she wanted to meet her birth mother.

She posted a picture on her Facebook page explaining her story and asking people to share her picture and information.

Just 12 hours later she was on the phone with her birth mother.

From there, Whitney met up with her biological mother and grandmother for the first time.

Whitney and her mother Jennifer have decided to keep in touch.


And this week's viral video features a couple of guys just trying to make someone else's day.

Two men in Utah went around from restaurant to restaurant, eating and then leaving their waiter or waitress a $200 tip.

Afterwards, they stuck around with a camera to catch their reactions.


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