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UPDATE: FBI Looking For Information About Washington Navy Yard Shooter

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UPDATE: Sept. 16, 7:10

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Defense officials say the suspected gunman was currently working as a defense department contractor, but it is not clear if he way assigned to the base in D.C.

Aaron Alexis was working as an information technology contractor.  As a contractor, he may have had a badge that granted him access to the Navy Yard. 

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University says he was an online student, beginning classes in July 2012, pursuing a bachelor's degree in aeronautics. 


Sept. 16, 5:05

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Navy says a gunman who opened fire inside a Washington Navy Yard building was a full-time reservist from 2007 to 2011. 

The Navy said that 34 year old Aaron Alexis, of Texas, left the Navy on January 31, 2011 as a petty officer 3rd class. 

It is not clear why he left the Navy. 

The FBI is looking for more information about Aaron Alexis. Follow the link to the left for more details. 


Sept. 16, 4:40 

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Vincent Gray, Mayor of Washington D.C. says 13 people have died in the shooting rampage, including the gunman. 

Investigators ruled out one suspect earlier, but are still looking for a third suspect who is wearing an olive-green military style uniform to see if he is involved in the shooting. 

A motive is still yet to be determined.


Sept. 16, 4:00

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal law enforcement officials say the man accused of killing 12 people in the Navy Yard rampage has been identified as Aaron Alexis. 

Alexis is a 34 year old from Texas. He is believed to have a criminal record. 

The official says Alexis is believed to have accessed the Navy Yard by using someone else's identification card. It is unknown whether the person is an accomplice or the ID card was stolen.

The Washington Nationals have postponed Monday night's game with the Atlanta Braves.  The game has been rescheduled as a doubleheader Tuesday.


Sept. 16, 3:15

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Police say one suspect is not longer a person on interest. 

A man wearing a tan, military-style outfit has been identified and is not a suspect.

Senate officials say Senate will be shut down whole police search for the Navy Yard Shooter. 


Sept. 16, 2:40

WASHINGTON (AP) -- D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says that people are being told to stay in their homes and out of the way of the suspect search. 

D.C. Police are searching for two possible suspects with firearms and wearing military-style uniforms. 

Lanier says there is no possible motive at this time.


Sept. 16, 2:15

WASHINGTON (AP) -- District of Columbia police chief reports 12 people are dead from shootings at Washington Navy Yard. 


Sept. 16, 12:30

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Authorities say they are looking for two more suspects in association with the Navy Yard shooting. 

District of Columbia Police Chief Cathy Lanier says witnesses reported seeing two other gunmen dressed in military-style clothing. 

One police officer has been wounded during gunfire with a shooter. 


Sept. 16. 12:15

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Navy officials say at least 6 people have died in the Navy Yard shooting.


Sept. 16, 11:45

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A federal Law enforcement officials says one shooter at the Washington Navy Yard has died. 


September 16, 11:20

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Two officials say police are looking into the possibility of a second shooter at the Washington Navy Yard. 


September 16, 10:30

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A Defense Department official says several people have been killed and as many as 10 have been wounded in a shooting at the Washington Navy Yard.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity Monday because the official was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

The official also says the shooter is "contained" but not yet in custody.

Earlier in the day, the U.S. Navy said it was searching for an active shooter at the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters, where about 3,000 people work.

The exact number of people killed and the conditions of those wounded was not immediately known.