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Mason County Sheriff Remembers Fallen Hero and Good Friend

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In Mason County, officers are in shock after hearing one of their own was killed in the line of duty.

Mason County is a tight knit community with law enforcement agencies who have a common thread --- keeping their communities safe. And Trooper Paul Butterfield did just that.

Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole says, "He was more than a coworker, he was a friend and it's a very very dark day for our community and certainly for my family its been a struggle."

Sheriff Cole says when he heard a Trooper was shot he said he didn't know who it was. He was shocked to see his good friend struggling to stay alive. "When I arrived I saw Paul, I stayed with him, I sat with him in the ambulance and tried to encourage him, I know that he would have done that for me and he'd done it for any of our guys," says Sheriff Cole.

Sheriff Cole hopes his legacy will live on and other law enforcement officers will continue to be strong and proud to serve their country, just like Trooper Butterfield. "Our deputies and law enforcement officers around the state will pull car stops, they'll be afraid, they'll think of Paul and they will carry on and they will do their job remembering Paul," says Sheriff Cole.

9&10's Katie Boomgaard talked with Sheriff Kim Cole about losing a colleague and a good friend.