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UPDATE: Kelli Stapleton Charged With Attempted Murder of Daughter

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We have an update on the condition of a Benzie county teen who was the victim of an attempted murder-suicide last week.

Matt Stapleton, the father of 14 year old Isabelle, or Issy as she often goes by, says his daughter's condition has improved greatly.

Issy is now out of the critical care unit and breathing on her own, as well as walking and talking.

Issy's mom, Kelli Stapleton is in jail without bond for attempted murder.

Last Tuesday, she locked herself and her daughter in the family van while two charcoal grills burned.

They were found unconscious from carbon monoxide.

Issy is autistic and often suffers from violent outbursts.

Doctors say she may now have brain damage from the carbon monoxide poisoning.


The Benzie County prosecutor says the woman accused of trying to kill her daughter and herself is charged with attempted murder.

Police say on Tuesday, Kelli Stapleton brought two burning charcoal grills inside her van in Blaine Township. She's accused of locking the doors and windows with herself and her 14 year old daughter Isabelle, who has autism, inside.

Stapleton's husband and Issy's father called police after Kelli left an alarming voicemail.

Issy is still recovering in the hospital. She could have permanent brain damage.

Kelli Stapleton is being held without bond in jail. No pre-trial date is set yet.