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Back-To-School: Drivers Be Aware of School Buses

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Getting kids to class and home from school presents dangers.

Schools are doing what they can to make riding the bus a safer way to go.

But they need the cooperation of other drivers.

Reed City Public Schools and the Osceola Sheriff's Department put together school bus safety tips for drivers to keep in mind.

Undersheriff Halladay says as a rule of thumb drivers need to be at least 50 feet away from the front and back of the bus, so you can be seen by the bus driver and other drivers.

John Beam, the Assistant Transportation Director for Reed City Schools says, "You should watch for those yellow lights coming on because that means you're going to have to slow down and the red lights are to follow shortly there after which means the bus has stopped and waiting for the kids to board."

9&10's Katie Boomgaard and photojournalist Jake Johnson continues our Back-to-School Team Coverage with a look at safety tips for drivers during the school year.