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Boyne City Homeowners Detain Intruder Until Police Arrive

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UPDATE: Sept. 3, 2013

A Boyne City family took a break-in into their own hands early Monday morning.

When the family was sleeping, an intoxicated man tried to break into the home's back door. He then kicked in the front door, and sat down in a chair.

The break-in woke the family. As the female homeowner went to call 9-1-1, the male homeowner went to grab a gun.

The homeowner then ordered the intruder onto the ground to wait for police to respond.

Police say the homeowner acted responsibly, and the morning could have turned out much worse.

9&10's Alyssa Gambla has more on the break-in.



The family was sleeping in the house when an intoxicated Boyne City man tried to break into the back door.  When the door wouldn't open, he went to the front door, kicked it in and entered the home.

The 2 teenage children heard the break-in and alerted their parents. 

The parents confronted the man in their front room.  

The father armed himself with a hand gun and ordered the intruder to sit in a chair until police arrived. 

Police arrived and arrested the suspect.

The officer noted the suspect was highly intoxicated and police believe he may have been using drugs also.

Boyne City Police Chief Jeff Gaither says the homeowners showed amazing composure in the confrontation. No one was hurt. 

Police say this appears to be a random home invasion and nothing was taken.  

There was no damage to the front door which was deadbolt locked.