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Neighbors Shocked Rebekah Gay's Murderer Killed Himself

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Neighbors are in shock after hearing Rebekah Gay's murderer is dead.

The Michigan Department of Corrections says John White took his own life this morning in his prison cell.

White killed Rebekah Gay in her Mount Pleasant home on Halloween and was serving a minimum 56-year prison sentence.

Kelvin Patterson and his family lived next door to White for years and were friends with Rebekah. Kelvin says he took the easy way out but hopes he will pay the price elsewhere.

Patterson says, "Now he gets his real punishment, and his real punishment is through God. Satan's got a place for him down in Hell."

Patterson says he had no idea what his neighbor was capable of and is glad he is finally gone. "He was a demon hiding behind a pastor. Psychopaths are very good at fooling people and like I said, he fooled us for 3 years," says Patterson.

As the community copes with the loss, neighbors feel one step in the right direction was the removal of White's trailer from the park, easing the minds of the people living in the neighborhood.

Even though Patterson was good friends with White, he's glad the man he calls a monster is finished causing pain. "He can never hurt anyone again," says Patterson.

Some community members have created a petition for a Violent Criminal Registry, it would be similar to the Sex Offender Registry. To sign the petition click on the link to the left of the story.

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