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Rain Provides Relief to Dry Corn Fields

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Rain came just in time for some local corn farmers. It caused minor flooding but it helped save many fields.

Dry conditions stressed the corn crop for weeks until yesterday. Farmers who were concerned the weather would slow growth and hurt the harvest are now more optimistic.

While the rain can cause some areas to washout, farmers are happy to finally get relief. The MSU extension says sometimes farmers call it a "million dollar rain."

"For the last month we were extremely dry and many of these crops were about ready to really start to dry out from drought and this rainfall saved those crops," said MSU Extension educator Jerry Lindquist.

Many farmers planted corn late this year because fields were too wet. They hope an early frost won't wipe away their success.

Kyle Mitchell and Photojournalist Jeff Blevins have more on what this means for farmers and the local economy.